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Supposedly, it's "summer"... [May. 31st, 2012|11:39 pm]
So why the hell is it so damned cold around here lately? This weather. I do not approve.

The good news is that I'm working again. Only part-time as a survey monkey, but it's better than nothing at all. And they love me there, so that's awesome. ♥

Adrian graduated from preschool this month. He refused to participate in his "graduation," though. He spent the entire ceremony sitting on my dad's lap and pouting because he was so sad that preschool was ending. He wouldn't even let anyone take a picture of him or eat the cookies served.

On a random observation, May marked the 50th anniversary of the independence of Algeria from France. Big milestone, ya? So why the hell didn't we hear anything about it? I looked. I listened. NOT A DAMNED THING. That's... kinda weird.

So, June is coming. And I have my 10-year high school reunion. THAT ought to prove interesting...
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Ah, March [Mar. 31st, 2012|09:18 pm]
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[The look of the skies | distressed]

So, I must admit, I love a warm March. Everything a month ahead of schedule... Pushing 90 today. Oh, yeah. This is awesome.

I officially have Adrian registered for kindergarten now. Of course, it would just so happen that they no longer run a bus from Pyrtle out to our neighborhood--or any neighborhood, actually. Only the special ed kids get a bus anymore. His school runs from 9 a.m. to 3:38 p.m. (yeah, I know--but the 8 minutes is snow-day insurance, basically), and it was a zoo down there sixteen years ago when I went there. I can only imagine what it'll be like nowadays. So, we're not 100% how we're going to do transportation, or if we'll need to enroll him in before- or after-school care, which is really bloody expensive. Hopefully, I'll be working, which will help, but Dad is allegedly looking for a job again (I don't think he's looking very HARD, though), so we don't have a clue what schedules will look like come August.

Yes, I'm still job-hunting, and really needing to get some kind of income soon, or else I am not going to make it past April. Scary, but true. With luck, the government will actually give me money this time, and hopefully someone will hire me soon. Otherwise, yeah. I'm in major trouble. That, and Dad insists that, if I don't have a job by May, he and Mom are totally kicking me out of the house. A bit ironic, since it's the fact that I can't afford to move out that's keeping me here.

Meanwhile, I think Medicaid dropped Adrian, but I'm not totally sure why. The letter they sent didn't explain a darned thing, beyond "Medicaid Eligibility Change." Which... I don't know why they would have done that since I'm not bringing in any income and haven't had any insurance in almost a year and a half. So, I suppose I'll have to try to get in touch with someone on that, because he needs SOMETHING, seeing as he needs to have vision, hearing AND dental checks before he starts school, and, sans insurance, I have absolutely no way to pay for any of those. It's a good idea anyway, since he's genetically disposed to having sight problems and oral issues down the road. Argh.

Meanwhile, still working on projects. Always got those. Almost too bad I don't earn any money for those, isn't it? Ah well.
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[Feb. 29th, 2012|11:06 pm]
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[The look of the skies | bored]
[The wind is whistling |Gavin de Graw - Not Over You]

I'm pretty sure we just had a February. Maybe. Awfully spring-like for February. As, I'm already seeing crocuses starting to come up. I'm not complaining about this, but something tells me it's going to be a really wacky spring for weather this year.

Adrian attended his first birthday party this month, for one of his preschool classmates. He had a lot of fun, but damned if I will EVER do anything like that for him. 25 kids in the Lincoln Children's Museum and trying to keep track of all the little buggers? No freaking way.

Meanwhile, I'm getting all the paperwork ready for him to attend kindergarten this fall. For whatever reason, his name wasn't on the list, so I had to call to get the packet. No idea how that happened. He was born in Lincoln, and we've lived at the same address ever since *I* went to Pyrtle, so... Go figure. But, he's down for a kindergarten checkup and everything. Unfortunately, I'll probably have to take him elsewhere than his doctor for the vision check, and his Medicaid doesn't cover dental, so... I know he's healthy, but still. Eek. Maybe if I get lucky, Publisher's Clearinghouse will show up with an oversized check that would help. And maybe they'll ride up on magical winged ponies while they're at it. But a girl can dream, can't she?

Oh, yes. And it being Leap Day and all, happy extra day. Woot.
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Oh, yeah. It was January, wasn't it? [Jan. 31st, 2012|09:42 pm]
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[The look of the skies | okay]
[The wind is whistling |Colbie Caillat - Brighter Than the Sun]

So... You'd not know it was January to judge from the weather. NOTE: I AM NOT COMPLAINING ABOUT THIS. My only worry is that it might hurt the trees. When it's unseasonably warm like this and the sap starts rising early, a cold snap could potentially kill a lot of them. In the meantimes, though, it's been cloak weather! Yay! Usually I don't get to put my cloaks back on until March or April. And, I even got my picture taken today by a random stranger because of it. Cloaks = awesome.

Adrian continues to get bigger. He hit a new milestone--his first obscene gesture. He flipped off my dad the other day. I had to try oh-so-valiantly not to burst out laughing. Dad, of course, totally freaked out over it. Mom was just "he doesn't even understand what he means, and if he didn't learn it this year, you know darn well he'd probably learn it by next year." I say, my kid is a great kid. Well, except at the dinner table. For whatever reason, he has just abandoned all sense of decorum at the table. He bounces around, won't sit in his seat, takes 90 minutes to eat what takes me 20 to finish, and WON'T SHUT UP. He just sits and talks and plays around. I'm tempted to get some Hermes scarves and tie the little bratling to his chair some days. -_-

I am job-hunting again. My seasonal position ran out, so looking for something new. I might try reapplying to Target in March, since they supposedly tend to get front-end openings around then. We'll see. Hopefully, I'll get something decent relatively soon. Mostly because, apparently, my folks have been "talking," and they want me out of the house by this summer. JUST me. Not Adrian. To hear my dad talk, they won't LET me take my own child with me, until "I can take care of myself," upon the threat of calling Child Protective Service on me. I just... I don't even... Yeah. There are no decent words to describe this.
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Well, a little is better than nothing... [Dec. 1st, 2011|09:20 pm]
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[The look of the skies | surprised]

Okay, so an update on the stolen purse.

Got a call from the police today, saying that a few of my things had been found and turned in, and I can come by to pick them up. I get there, and what they have of mine is a little stack of things from one small pocket of my wallet: my debit card (now useless, seeing as I changed my accounts over), my Barnes and Noble member card, a photo of an old friend of mine, and a couple other rewards cards. Interestingly enough, my Panera card, which was right there with those in my wallet, was conspicuously missing. So... I guess they want my free pastries, but don't want to try messing with my bank account via plastic. Go figure.

They were turned in by the recycling guy (seriously, that's what the clerk told me), and he'd found them not far from where the theft had occurred, so chances are they just dumped my purse and things in the trash after taking what they wanted. Weirder still? That little stack of things that was found? That's EXACTLY how they were found, apparently. In a perfect, neat little stack. So, not only do I get victimized by thieves, I get victimized by OCD thieves, it would seem.

Yeah, I'm at about as much of a loss as you guys are on this one. But, hey, getting a little bit back is more than I'd hoped for. Too bad it wasn't, say, my driver's license and such, but it's better than nothing. Who knows? Maybe someone will find my ocarina next.
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And, November comes to a close... [Nov. 30th, 2011|09:53 pm]
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[The look of the skies | cold]

So. November.

Adrian did end up being well enough to go trick or treating on Halloween, so that was good. We had fun. And, for the record... November 1st is too damned early to start shoving Christmas down the throats of consumers. I know IHOP was guilty of it. Even Target was guilty of it--the decorations went up and the seasonal stuff got switched out the moment the store closed on Halloween night.

Speaking of, my new job at Target is going well. I'm making new friends, and I think I'll have a good chance of being kept as a permanent hire after the holiday season if they continue to like my performance.

I've been tagging along with NaNoWriMo ('cause, y'know, since when do I follow rules like that?) by working on my Dragon Age narrative. I completed 2 chapters, and am well on my way through a third, and, most importantly, I DID get through the 50,000 words! Go me! So, yes, I can do it, but it helps when half the work is already done for me.

I am knitting socks like crazy. They take time to do, though, so there's a chance a few people might have to wait to get theirs in the mail a little late. ^_^;;

And JUST when I thought the month was going well... my purse got stolen out of my car on Tuesday. Major bummer. But, that means I lost my wallet (and all the typical stuff that goes IN said wallet), my checkbook, a fair amount of cosmetics, my hand mirror, my chopsticks (yes, I carry them in my purse for those occasional Asian eateries that insist on giving me a fork to eat with. It feels weird eating Asian with a fork), and, saddest of all of the non-super-important stuff: my ocarina and its songbooks. Yes, I did report the incident to the police, though I'm aware my chances of getting any of it back are extremely slim, and I did contact the bank so I should be protected on the financial side of things, minus the expenses of having to replace things.
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Argh... [Oct. 31st, 2011|12:50 am]
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[The look of the skies | annoyed]

Why is it that my kid only ever gets sick right before a major observance? As in, I pleaded to get the whole day off work so we could celebrate it and be pirates together. Now, I'm not sure if he'll even get to go to his preschool party or trick-or-treat, since he's not feeling well. I just hope he's over it enough come morning...
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Another year... [Sep. 30th, 2011|12:48 pm]
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[The look of the skies | contemplative]
[The wind is whistling |Eric Idle - That's Death]

So. 'Tis That Day, and all.

As I grow older, more and more I find myself agreeing with Jean-Paul Sartre: "Hell is other people." Especially makes me glad I completely got out of the whole "relationship" scene. Yeah, I know. A Libran misanthrope. Who would ever have guessed?

Another thing? I keep finding myself puzzled when people complain about some aspect of life, and then follow it with "But it's better than the alternative!" Obviously, by which they mean death. But... why? Why does it have to be always the worse alternative? What makes it such a terrible thing? Is it just because it's such an unknown? I don't know. I just don't see it that way. Death is a necessary thing. An important thing. Yes, even a good thing. But it always gets such a bad rap. That should change, I think. Reflections on mortality can be a moving experience, be it your own, someone else's, or just the concept in general. It doesn't have to be grim or depressing. In some ways, it's liberating. Now is an ideal time to do it, especially as imagery and reminders of it become absolutely pervasive this time of year. Not that this is the only time of year to do it--I do so fairly often, and it honestly flabbergasts me that I haven't had mine yet. Seriously, by all rights, this lifetime should have expired for me years ago. Right, right, I know. Freaks people out. This is probably indicative that it's a good thing I never entered the worlds of health care provision or mortuary science.
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A Funny Thing Happened... [Sep. 8th, 2011|07:09 pm]
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[The look of the skies | confused]
[The wind is whistling |Train - Hey Soul Sister]

Ok, so I was downtown on campus today (poster sale--I love to look, even if I don't buy anything), and I got the oddest request today. Out of virtually nowhere, a young man (I assume he was a student) with a European accent approached me and asked if I would be interested in joining a Bible study.


One thing I should probably mention. I like cloaks. I commonly wear them as legitimate outerwear, and today was no different. I typically wear "normal" clothes underneath (t-shirt and jeans today, for example), but, still, it's pretty striking.

Now, I'm guessing he was probably asking several people who walked by, not just me (although if it WAS just me, that adds a whole new dimension of weird), but let's just consider the logic involved here:

A whole plaza full of students walking, talking, whatever. You get to approach one to ask to join your Bible study... and you pick the short chick in the black-with-silver-lining cloak? Really?

Now, the most likely scenario is that the guy was just asking whoever happened to come within a 20-foot radius. But, I didn't see him trying to approach anyone else, and if he wasn't... what would be the motivation? Just to see if I would say "yes?" Trying to "save" me somehow? Some sort of attempt at a pick-up line?

He seemed very nice, but I politely declined, not having really the time, and the little fact that I'm not Christian (not that this is usually immediately obvious--I wasn't wearing anything that would identify me as Pagan, unless you count the cloak), and he didn't press the issue. But still. It was funny.
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Life Continues [Aug. 31st, 2011|02:14 pm]
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[The look of the skies | geeky]
[The wind is whistling |Tangled - Kingdom Dance]

This week marks the second week I have been the mother of a preschooler. So far, Adrian seems to be enjoying it. Of course, after Week 1, he came home with a cold (which he promptly gave to everyone else in the house). Ah well. Hard to believe he'll be five soon.

Dad turned 60 this past Sunday. Weird thought. And he continues to get Random Things to Become Anally Obsessive Over. The most recent? I am not allowed to park my car in the garage during daylight hours, or he will FLIP OUT. The only exception is if I don't drive anywhere that day (as in, it can stay in the garage if it hasn't been used at any point in the day). Supposedly, he's freaking out over it raising the garage temperature and therefore doing ghastly things to our energy costs. This from the same guy who routinely forgets to shut off lights in the very same garage and frequently will leave one TV on while wandering off to watch another. Yeah...

The Birthday Month has started even earlier than usual. I got my first "Happy Birthday" message from my wireless carrier yesterday, the 30th. That's right, a FULL MONTH ahead of my actual birthday on SEPTEMBER 30th. Of course, considering I don't think I've earned my right to a birthday this year, well... Hmm. Probably doesn't really matter.

In other news, let's see... How about some adventures in Disney symbolism? )
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I WIN! ...Sorta [Jul. 20th, 2011|11:26 am]
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[The look of the skies | I WIN!]

Ok, so update regarding the latest Epic Showdown between me and the parental units.

For one thing, my room is cleaner than it has probably been at least since before Adrian was born. Let me tell you, it feels weird.

More importantly, I am being allowed to keep my desktop! At least, assuming Dad doesn't decide to renege on his "compromise." As long as I remove the scanner/printer/thingy from my room so there's enough space for both laptop and desktop to share on the desk, I can keep them both. Because that makes it no longer a fire hazard. Or something. Apparently, my folks believe that propping it on my lap in bed, away from any blankets, is going to start a fire. Yes, I'm WTFing over that just as much as you are.

Admittedly, not being able to have the scanner around is an inconvenience--but, supposedly Dad's giving me the old scanner that he had for one of our old computers, and really, the scanner is the thing I probably use most. So, small victory there.
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Crazy isn't actually contagious... right? [Jul. 11th, 2011|09:07 am]
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[The look of the skies | pissed off]

So, Dad has decided to "throw down the gauntlet" (his words--seriously. It's too damn stupid to make up) and declare that my room must be spotless by the end of the week (and anyone who knows my housekeeping in my personal spaces knows perfectly well that ain't ever gonna happen) or he will shut off all electricity to my room.


But it gets better! Among the things he declares I need to do in this clean-up are to throw out my bedding (not launder, mind you, dispose of entirely) and--get this--get rid of my beloved desktop and scanner/printer.

That's right, my beloved desktop computer that I've had for years and that I still use on a nearly daily basis, he wants me to throw out. Keep in mind that this is a man who can barely type or use the internet without someone standing over him telling him what, where and how to click, and tends to think most modern everyday technology is utterly evil (hardly a day goes by in this house where he doesn't rant about what horrible nasty plagues on society things like email, smartphones, texting and, GODS FORBID, gaming are)--and yet insists he's "not stupid" about computers. He thinks I can just copy everything over and it'll be fine. Yeah... Not that simple.

Sure, that's acceptable enough for FILES, but not such an awesome idea when it comes to various programs, which generally require, oh, I don't know, INSTALLATION rather than just being copied over. My Adobe Premiere and Photoshop in particular come to mind, being my most-used programs on that machine. Sure, there are newer versions I could get, but these are programs costing hundreds of dollars--money I DO NOT HAVE to spare.

So, whatever, you say out there--just take the old disks and reinstall to a different machine! Easy peasy! Well, no. Not so easy, actually. See, several years ago (before Adrian was born, even), Dad went on a crazy freak-out rampage that I had less-than-legal computer stuff (the vast majority of which were various video and audio things that assorted friends had copied for me AS GIFTS, particularly to use for things like AMVs, and also a few things for games and whatnot), and went on a non-discriminant raid of nearly every disk I had. Any CD I couldn't identify in a half-second or less (which involved him grabbing and flipping it around in front of my face so quickly I could barely even get a look at it, screaming "WHAT'S THIS???") he took and insisted on seeing LITERALLY destroyed in front of me. Not just put into the trash, but actually shattered into pieces. And not everything that was a victim of this rampage was illegitimate software. So, a lot of those install disks I no longer have.

But Dad doesn't care. He insists I do not need my desktop at all anymore, and I can't have any electricity to my room at all ever again if it stays in the house. And, if, say, I put it into my car or something? I can no longer keep my car in the garage. Same goes for the printer/copier/scanner thing that came with it. Now, admittedly, the printer on that sucker has ALWAYS been wonky. I've dealt with more paper jams on that little bastard than I can remember. The scanner, however, still works perfectly fine--and that's the function that sees the most use anyway.

I told him he was being unreasonable. He retorted that I was, because, by wanting to keep my faithful machine, I am putting the ENTIRE FAMILY IN DANGER with, you guessed it, a FUCKING FIRE HAZARD. *facepalm*

So... yeah. Urge to kill rising. Again.
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A collection of random thoughts [Jun. 30th, 2011|11:11 pm]
-Every now and again, my parents (almost always Dad), decide to single out one of my features and use it as an illustrative example that I'm somehow unhealthy. I've seen it with my cheekbones, the bridge of my nose, and a few others. The latest feature to be picked on? My shoulders. Because they're bony, apparently, and that means I'm too damn skinny (though, really, this is something of an irony--more on that in a sec) and/or losing muscle mass. Ok... my shoulders? They have never had much flesh on them. Like, ever. I've always had slender, and yes, rather bony shoulders. I've never had much in the way of deltoids. (You can clearly see them in this clip from 5 years ago:, seeing as I'm the one conducting. Notice, my shoulders are not fleshy.) Most people tell me they're pretty, though. But, no. My slim little shoulders are a sign that I'm unhealthy. Admittedly, I don't eat much. Based on rough calculations, I'd estimate my caloric intake averages somewhere between 800 and 1200 calories most days (and before anyone freaks out and tells me I'm anorexic or whatever, keep in mind that I also don't have much physical exertion on a daily basis either. I don't burn that many calories, so I don't need to consume many either), and a good percentage of my protein comes from nuts and dairy rather than meat (I'm not a real big fan of meat the way my dad prepares a lot of it). But, overall, I'm actually in pretty good health. Interestingly enough, while my shoulders are apparently too skinny, AT THE SAME DAMN TIME my legs are apparently too heavy--I keep getting told that this, that, or whatever would "make me lose some weight in my legs." And, really, I probably COULD stand to lose 10-15 pounds, but I'm well within normal range as it is, so that'd just be vanity weight there.

-My kid is amusing. So, the other day, I took him to the museum, and there were other little kids there. Adrian likes to make friends with other children when he sees them, and he attached himself to this group of three other little boys in the kids' play/discovery area. And, he decided to start playing "Tangled," because he likes to do that, and it's one of his favorite movies. Guess which role he took for himself? Rapunzel. Yep, when playing with other boys, my son wants to be the pretty princess. XD

-Speaking of "Tangled," it never fails to weird me out that there are some serious discrepancies between some of the tracks on the soundtrack versus how they appear in the film. Now, ok, this is not the first time Disney has done this (things end up getting edited differently for the sake of cinema, etc.), but it's never usually this pronounced. As in, there is a sung (as opposed to score) track that NEVER APPEARS IN THE FILM. And at least one other has additional verses that, again, are not part of the movie. Weird.

-I really hate Arlessa Isolde in Dragon Age. It's not that I don't understand her, or that she isn't a character I can sympathize with... She's just really, really grating.

-I get far too many lulz when I hear them say on the weather "...and then we should cool down to 95..." I don't know why I find it funny. I just like hot weather, I guess.

-For people who want me to knit them something, but don't know what they want, I think I might make them socks. Because socks are fairly easy and quick to make (maybe a couple weeks, if I put a few daily hours into them), and they're useful. Who couldn't use an extra pair of socks?

-I am not convinced I don't have superpowers. Seriously. I seem to actually function as a real-life Muse (there's a reason I play one!). I don't have to do anything but hang around people, and their creative juices flow more easily. I don't know how it works, but it's kind of cool.

-I find it interesting that in this article, all the pairings mentioned are slash pairings. Yet, I'm pretty sure there are equally baffling femmeslash and het pairings (the Draco/Hermione nostril-rape fic comes to mind...). I'm not quite sure what to make of that.
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Apparently, David Gaider is not a math genius [May. 22nd, 2011|12:05 am]
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[The look of the skies | geeky]
[The wind is whistling |Leliana's Song]

So! I just recently bought the second of the two Dragon Age novels, this one being "The Calling," which more or less details the reintroduction of the Grey Wardens into Ferelden. I have finished it, and I can pretty much definitively say that the DA Timeline doesn't make a lick of coherent sense. At the very least, it doesn't add up right--there are too many inconsistencies. And I shall prove it with visual aids!

First of all, it might help to understand how the Thedas calendar works. This is the codex as the game presents it, verbatim:

The Thedas Calendar )

There's already a problem here. Note the date given there. 9:30 Dragon. Actually, according to EVERY OTHER TIMESTAMP in the series, the Blight (a.k.a. the plotline of Dragon Age: Origins) takes place in 9:25 Dragon. Honestly, it actually would make more sense if it WERE, in fact, 9:30 Dragon instead of 9:25 Dragon. This codex appears in a book in the game, though, so I suppose it could be canonly chalked up to a printer error or something, because on the SAME CODEX ENTRY, it is marked as being from "The Studious Theologian" written by Brother Genitivi and published in the year 9:25 Dragon. Maybe. Moving on.

Now, aside from the assorted codex entries, this is how the chronology of the series generally plays out.

Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne (a novel by lead game writer David Gaider)
Dragon Age: The Calling (a second novel, also by Gaider)
Dragon Age: Origins (the first game)
Dragon Age: Awakening (the first sequel/expansion, takes place shortly after Origins)
Dragon Age 2 (which overlaps slightly with the prior games--more on that here in a sec)

Cut for Plot Spoilers )
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A Quote [May. 16th, 2011|05:42 pm]
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[The look of the skies | cold]
[The wind is whistling |Lacuna Coil - Veins of Glass]

"I have vengeance in my belly... It leaves no room for food." --Ser Davos Seaworth, A Storm of Swords, chapter 10
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And, why not, a meme! [May. 11th, 2011|01:20 am]
[The look of the skies | contemplative]
[The wind is whistling |The Police - Wrapped Around Your Finger]

Stolen from [info]yuuo

▸ Comment with "PIERCE THE HEAVENS!"
▸ I'll respond by asking you five questions so I can get to know you better.
▸ Update your journal with the answers to the questions.
▸ Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people questions.

1. When did you realize you were elf-kin?
That's kind of a tricky question, actually. I've known I was "different" ever since I was a very young child, and I was drawn to the mystic, occult and fey for as long as I can remember. But, I was in my late teens before I actually could put a name to it. Once I found the proper term, it was like everything clicked and made sense. It was more a relief than a shock. And, while I've long forgotten the date it happened, I will never, ever forget my Claiming. That sealed it there.

2. How long have you wanted to be a mother?
Pretty much forever. Actually, at first, it felt more like an inevitability than a true want. I don't know that true want kicked in until after I lost Summer.

3. Who's your favorite elf character?
I assume you mean in various media (books, movies, games, whatnot) here. Hmm. Hard question. Even though you really never see her, I think probably one of my favorite book elves is Celebrian from Tolkien's Middle Earth. Video-game-wise, I adore Zevran from the Dragon Age games--he never ceases to amuse me. Film-wise... Tough to say. I don't know if I could pin down a favorite. As for my OWN elves... Probably Ravena, if only because I know her best.

4. What about Dragon Age caught your attention first?
I first saw it advertised while poking around with Sims 3 stuff--I think it was a special offer or something, and it looked like fun, so I got it. What hooked me, though, was the writing. It is one of the best-written single-player RPGs I've ever played.

5. How many years have you been drawing?
Hmm. Well, probably since my first art lessons back in preschool. As a more serious interest, to draw things illustratively, that began roughly when I was in sixth grade. I didn't do it often, but that was about the time I began to do my own worldbuilding for the first time, and I drew pictures to accompany my ideas. My first fanart began in 1997, about a year and a half later, when I underwent a major style change courtesy of Disney and preteen fangirlishness. But, overall, I'd say that tally would be... roughly 16 years now.
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SUMMER! [May. 11th, 2011|12:12 am]
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[The look of the skies | cheerful]
[The wind is whistling |Tangerine Dream - Loved By The Sun]

Summer, summer, summer! ...okay, not quite, but I can pretend, right? Yes? For two 90-degree sunny days? Oh, they have been *glorious*.

Let's see... So, I completed my Corvey project. Which means I read and analyzed a novel that probably fewer than 5 people have read in over 200 years. The bored can go here to read about my submission. The REALLY bored can go here, here, here and here (in that order, please and thank you--those are Volumes 1-4, respectively) to download .zip files of the pages I lovingly scanned from 40-year-old microfiche and read the actual novel as it was printed in 1801. Complete with random missing pages, chapter-numbering errors and pages with both too much and not enough ink. I also do have a short analytical essay about the novel which is NOT being publicly released that I can pass around in case you care about anything I have to say on it.

In other news, Adrian is officially going to start preschool this fall. I enrolled him about a week ago. Next year, he'll be a kindergartener.

No job yet. Oh well. It means I can get further work done on projects that I've neglected otherwise. Which is good, yes.

Speaking of projects, and upcoming summer, if anyone's wanting a Holiday Knit this year, start getting your requests to me while I still have time and money available to get supplies. Seriously. The sooner the better.

And... I think that's the important stuff for right now.
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At least we aren't actually related... [Apr. 6th, 2011|10:17 am]
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There are times that I wish I had another sibling. Mostly because I hate dealing with my parents, and I know my big brother hates dealing with our parents. However, when it will eventually come to things like making end-of-life choices on my parents' behalf and dealing with the resulting estate, I know that, between my brother and me, I am the one more likely to have to handle those responsibilities. And, quite frankly, I don't want to do it. I'm pretty sure my brother doesn't want to either. So, there are times I wish we had another sibling who would find it more palatable than my brother and I do. Then again, considering neither my brother nor I can stand our parents or want anything to do with them if we don't have to, there's a pretty good chance that any additional siblings we could have would probably share that sentiment.

Dad is especially one to roughen up the nerves. He will start arguments over stupid things, plays the belligerent and persecuted victim if someone suggests anything not verbatim what his ideas are in a discussion (even if no one is actually disagreeing with him and repeatedly tells him so), and openly will say TO YOUR FACE that he isn't and will not listen to you or anything you have to say.

I frequently wonder what things must be like in Daveworld. Is there sunshine? Are rainbows just solid bars of black? Do all the little bunnies have huge pointy teeth and all the ponies have death-ray eyes and feast upon unicorns being roasted on spits equipped with little speakers that do nothing but repeat totalitarian platitudes on an endless loop? Do mutant androids representing everything technology has to offer come and steal people's brains in the dark of night while cardboard boxes wreak havoc through arson? Are all of the inhabitants perfect clones of each other with no way to think for themselves? A strange and curious place, to be sure.

As an adopted child, especially considering that I have little (if any) love for my parents, people often ask me if I would want to seek out my blood relatives. Honestly, the answer is no. I think it would only lead to disappointment on both ends. I'd rather consider myself the starting point for a whole lineage of my own. Meaning I'll have a lot to live up to. I should get moving on that.
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My March Madness [Mar. 31st, 2011|10:19 pm]
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So, another month ends again. What have I been up to?

Not a terrible lot, admittedly. But, this month heralded the release of two new games: Dragon Age 2 and Sims Medieval, so I've been enjoying those. I quite like both of them, although at times, I do find the art redesign for Dragon Age a bit unsettling. There are a number of familiar faces from the original games that show up, though usually as brief cameos (welcome back Keeper Marethari, Merrill, Flemeth, Bodahn, Sandal, Isabela, Anders, Justice (sorta, anyway), Cullen, Leliana, Zevran, Alistair, and Teagan, among others), but virtually everyone looks different in the new game. Sadly, it's rarely for the better. But it's still good fun.

Speaking of, I'm doing a Dragon Age-related project wherein I'm writing up a narrative-style walkthrough for all of the game material (as in, Origins, Awakenings, the DLC add-ons, and DA2) starting with a Human Noble Female Rogue of "good" alignment (for lack of better terminology). This includes every quest, every dialogue tree, every codex. I haven't gotten far (I'm still working on Chapter 7), but everyone who's been reading along so far has become a big fan of what I'm doing. If anyone else wants on the mailing list (you get a fresh copy as I complete each chapter), just let me know. Who knows, maybe if I become popular enough with it, someone like David Gaider might hire me on or something. Which would be infinitely cool. ^_^

As for Sims Medieval, it actually reminds me a bit more of the Urbz than the Sims, to be honest. But it's still very addictive, as it combines Sims with RPG elements (you get to build heroes, go on quests and level up).

I also continue to geek it up with my reading Lucan's Pharsalia in the original Latin, and well as with all the Gothic Lit I've been reading. Followers of my YouTube Channel probably noticed the recent upload of the little slideshow of sorts I put together for comparing Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley's Frankenstein with an anonymous short story entitled "Monster Made By Man." It was fun, and you can take a look at it there if you're interested and haven't already. Also, in fact, my contribution to the Corvey Project should be published and copyrighted in my name within the the next 4-6 weeks, so that's exciting.

Andy and I celebrated our six-month anniversary this month, so that was nice. We're hoping that the next six months will be just as awesome, if not better. ^_^

Adrian is getting bigger all the time. I'm pretty sure he's having a growth spurt, in fact. He still hasn't hit 40 pounds yet, but he's over 43 inches tall--meaning he's outgrown most of his winter clothes. I'll have to make sure his dress shirts still fit okay before Easter gets here. At least with t-shirts and shorts, there's a bit more leeway.

Beyond that... Nothing really new to report. Still keeping on keeping on.
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February. [Feb. 26th, 2011|11:27 pm]
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It is February, and we have snow. Again. Joy.

Life continues much as usual. Days are filled with toddler-raising, Gothic Literature (as soon I'll be making my contribution to the Corvey Project), Latin poetry (yay, the Pharsalia!), and, among other things, Dragon Age.

Of which, I might add, I eagerly await the release of the sequel on March 8th--though, of course, I pre-ordered my copy of the Signature Edition weeks ago. The demo has already gone live, however, and so far, I'm liking what I'm seeing. Rogues (my favorite class in the game by far, mostly because not being able to get into locked stuff drives me batty) don't so much backstab people as jump behind 'em and slice their heads off in one stroke. It's pretty sweet. ^_^ I also look forward to seeing some old familiar faces in the game, including everyone's favoritest apostate ever Anders (who, apparently, is actually a two-fer reunion because he's been possessed by Justice. Who is now Vengeance. ...yeah. I don't quite know what to make of that just yet.).

Aaaaaand, Bioware promises that if a million downloads of the demo across all platforms take place before March 1, they will unlock two artifacts for all the players. So, yes. Demo. Get yours here. Make some gamers happy, and spend a few minutes killing darkspawn, and also a bunch of bandits alongside one lovely pirate queen.
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